Master of Architecture Studio

Taylor’s University, Malaysia


bioSEA’s director Anuj advised students to develop biomimicry solutions for the built environment industry. Students are taught biomimicry methodology, guided to do biological research, and translate it to design.

Water-sensitive surface for rainwater harvesting

Learning from the Namib desert’s Darkling beetles that get water from dew and ocean fog, a camping tent is proposed that condenses water and directs it to the edges for the user to efficiently capture it. Like the beetle’s body, the tent has micro-sized grooves coated with hydrophobic or water-repelling structures and bumps coated with hydrophilic water-attracting structures.

Chameleon-inspired interactive facade

Learning from the chameleon’s micro skin texture and chromatophores (colour producing cells), an interactive building facade system is proposed which allows a building skin to evolve and become adaptable in appearance either to provide a noticeable experience for users or respond to certain environmental conditions.

Anuj’s Talk

Visual by Nigel Lo/Taylor’s University.

Visual by Nurul Azmi Zulkifi/Taylor’s University.

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