bioSEA worked with Surbana Jurong to ecologically design the Housing development board project Yishun N3C27 in Singapore. The under-construction project received the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) Award of Excellence 2022 for their strategic greening and masterful execution of the biophilic and ecological design.




IFLA Award of Excellence (2022)


You see the Green. We Measure it.

bioSEA worked with WOHA Architects to measure the ecosystem service performance of the vegetation at the Singapore pavilion which won a Gold Award at the World Expo in Dubai. We found that the vegetation sequesters 61 tons of Carbon Dioxide over its lifespan. It is also 2.66 times more effective than Dubai’s desert vegetation in sequestering carbon over a similar area.



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Dubai Expo SG Pavilion wins Gold Award (2022)





bioSEA worked with WOHA & CBUS Property to evaluate the Ecological Value of the Green Start Assessment for 443 Queen Street development in Brisbane, Australia. This helped the development win Australia’s first 6-star green start building.





Australia’s First 6 Star Green Star Building (2020)





bioSEA contributed to the ecology of the master plan design which embraced water and created functional wetlands. bioSEA also calculated the value of the master plan using Ecological Performance Indicators.





Hue Sanctuary Vietnam wins SG Good Design Award (2023)




The acceptance of wild nature over curated nature seems to be growing in Singapore.

bioSEA’s study of Kampung Admiralty showed that the development had a higher level of species diversity (across animal groups, except birds) than 2 of its nearby neighbourhood parks. This was particularly true for insects. Wildflower patches thrived at the rooftop community gardens at Kampung Admiralty. This attracted bees, butterflies, and many other beautiful insects.




Curated garden or curated wild: Singapore (2022)





Our former design & research associate, Celine Tan, was featured in an article about Singapore’s green awakening about how urban development can be better aligned to ecology in Singapore and beyond.





Singapore’s green awakening conversation (2021)





The speech by Minister of State for Trade and Industry, Alvin Tan, at the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI)’s Committee of Supply Debate 2023 mentioned bioSEA’s work on developing a biomimicry design toolkit for the tropics as part of the  DesignSingapore Council’s Good Design Research Initiative.




Committee of Supply speech (2023)





bioSEA’s work on ecology and biomimicry design including the biomimicry design toolkit is featured at the Singapore Pavilion in Venice Biennale 2023. The Venice Biennale is one of the world’s most prestigious international exhibitions in art and architecture.


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Venice Biennale (2023)

Behind the Scenes: Totems of the 21st century

Remembering GreenCircle Eco-Farm

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