New Murabba & Mukaab, Saudi Arabia

  • Designer


  • Client

    Royal Commission for Riyadh City

  • Location

    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

  • Scale


  • Status

    Design phase

  • Services

    Ecological Placemaking, Ecosystem Service Assessment, Biomimicry in Architecture

  • Use


  • Year


Project Summary

bioSEA are the lead ecologists on the master planning of the visionary project of New Murabba and the Mukaab, a modern downtown development in Riyadh that seamlessly integrates technology and sustainability.  

Serving as sub-consultants to AtkinsRealis, bioSEA developed Key Performance Indicators around habitat net gain, species net gain and improvement in carbon sequestration and cooling benefits. 

Central to our involvement is the development of wadi typologies that enable habitat creation and promote wildlife movement throughout the district. 

Our recommendations included the promotion of native Saudi Arabian plants for the landscaping efforts prioritising them based on their biodiversity value, water and shade requirements. Drawing from bioSEA’s expertise in biomimicry, we incorporated nature-inspired design principles into the project, by suggesting playgrounds that mimic desert fauna behaviours in a fun and engaging way as well as offering innovative ideas for cooling to enhance the project’s innovation district. 

Additionally, bioSEA conducted a thorough habitat assessment across various locations within the neighbourhood, utilising the habitat net gain framework – a first for Riyadh. This allowed us to evaluate the ecological impact of the proposed design by identifying and assessing habitats such as wadis, streetscape trees, managed shrubs and ornamental plantings.

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