OASIA Hotel Downtown, Singapore

  • Designer

    WOHA Architects

  • Client

    Far East Hospitality

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  • Status


  • Services

    Biodiversity Survey & Impact Assessment, Ecosystem Service Assessment, Social Impact Assessment

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Project Summary

OASIA Hotel Downtown, designed by WOHA, reimagines high-rise buildings in Singapore’s CBD with a unique green concept. The building features sky gardens and a massive green facade providing habitat for urban wildlife. The building prioritises natural ventilation and passive cooling through a porous structure. Recognized as the Best Tall Building Worldwide 2018, it showcases the integration of biophilic elements to enhance its appeal and promote sustainability. 
bioSEA conducted a biodiversity audit, social surveys, and an ecosystem service evaluation for OASIA Hotel Downtown. The assessment revealed 18 animal species on site, accounting for almost 50% of the total species in the vicinity. The vibrant flowers attract bees, birds, and reduce bird collisions. Replicating OASIA’s design could invite biodiversity into urban environments.

The social survey demonstrated strong support for OASIA’s greening efforts, with 88% of respondents finding the greenery enhanced their stay, improved air quality, and created awareness of green living. The ecosystem service evaluation showed that the planted facade reduced heat and offered passive thermal cooling benefits. The greenery performed up to 68% as well as a pristine rainforest in terms of ecosystem service provision.

The ecological audit conducted at the building scale is a pioneering effort in Singapore, with the potential to influence environmental management in rapidly urbanising cities to better cater to biodiversity and human needs. OASIA Hotel Downtown sets a model for tall building towers to prioritise nature and inspire sustainable and innovative biophilic design.

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