Sky Green, Taichung, Taiwan

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  • Client

    Golden Jade Construction & Development Corp

  • Location

    Taichung, Taiwan

  • Scale


  • Status


  • Services

    Ecological Placemaking, Biodiversity Survey & Impact Assessment, Ecosystem Service Assessment

  • Use

    Mixed - use

  • Year


Project Summary

WOHA designed Sky Green, a green and sustainable mixed-use development in Taichung. The project aimed to make the city more sustainable and liveable, aligning with the government’s focus on sustainability and smart cities. The design of Sky Green was adapted to suit the local culture and subtropical climate, as well as to ensure safety during earthquakes and typhoons. As the first high-density development in Taichung that also provides high amenity with its recreational facilities and ample integrated green spaces, Sky Green is influential in defining a new benchmark of sustainability and skyrise greenery for the city’s future developments. 

bioSEA was engaged to assess the biodiversity on and around the site, evaluate the ecological strengths of the landscape plan, and determine the ecosystem services provided.

Sky Green integrates greenery into its design, providing spaces for play, community building, and relaxation. The diversity of flora attracts various fauna, with a significant number of plant and animal species found in the vicinity. A rapid biodiversity survey revealed the presence of 13 species on site, including birds and bats. The site also contained valuable plant species, some of which are endangered. The ecological value of the site was determined by assessing habitat quality, availability of green corridors, and ecological connectivity. Strategic planting provided connectivity for flying wildlife, but improvements were needed for ground-dwelling animals. 

Classifying the site’s greenery into five types based on vegetation density and characteristics, an ecosystem service valuation was conducted. The greenery on site provided better ecosystem services compared to typical residential buildings in Taichung, including thermal regulation and air pollutant removal.

In conclusion, Sky Green holds ecological value, and its impact can be expanded by integrating greenery into neighbouring developments.

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