Blu Connection Factory, Singapore

  • Designer

    Enviro Pro Green Innovations

  • Client

    BluConnection Pte Ltd

  • Location


  • Scale


  • Status


  • Services

    Ecological Placemaking, Biodiversity Survey & Impact Assessment

  • Use


  • Year

    2021 - 2022

Project Summary

The BluConnection Factory is a new single storey industrial building in the Tuas Industrial area in the western part of the Singapore. The factory underwent a recent makeover as the new owners welcomed a factory surrounded with wilder spaces and an out of the box landscaping approach.

EnviroPro designed the lush landscape with undulating multi-tiered vegetation that allowed the creation of vantage points and depressions that housed ponds and wetlands. bioSEA provided recommendations on the ecological value of the landscape and recommend a bird and butterfly friendly planting palette.

bioSEA tested a new idea of a butterfly green wall. Our approach was to bring butterfly gardens to the sky by creating a pollinator themed hyper-diverse green wall with nearly 50 species of plants and a healthy mix of butterfly and bee nectar and caterpillar plants. This 30m x 7m wall runs along the front perimeter of the factory and is poised to welcome its human users alongside butterfly friends. Field surveys are ongoing to test the effectiveness of the wall. Over time, we expect the wall to attract over 30 butterfly species.

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