Bukit Timah Rochor Green Corridor, Singapore

  • Designer

    WOHA Architects and Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl

  • Client

    National Parks Board

  • Location


  • Scale


  • Status

    Under construction

  • Services

    Ecological Placemaking, Wildlife Infrastructure Design

  • Use

    Nature park

  • Year


Project Summary

The Bukit Timah Rochor Green Corridor project aimed to extend the Rail Corridor and connect it to the Kallang Riverside Basin. Phase 1 involved designing a 1.9km elevated bridge as a linear park along the Bukit Timah Canal, creating a unique experience of a walk through a lush riverine forest. The project focused on optimising the human experience and facilitating wildlife movement.

bioSEA advised WOHA Architects and Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl to develop a landscape strategy that aligned with biodiversity conservation efforts. Ecological principles were applied to creation of new habitats and the expansion of existing habitats, incorporating native vegetation to enhance their quality. Dense planting minimised the edge effect and enabled wildlife movement, while a multi-tiered green corridor emulated a rainforest with nectar plants and fruit-bearing trees attracting butterflies, birds, and mammals. 

The bridge’s preliminary design integrated wildlife-friendly components such as textured pillars (biopillars), substrate for vegetation growth (biopillar mesh attachment), supplemental habitats (animal totems) and a separate wildlife highway (textured animal truss system) to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts.

Beyond the bridge, the Animal Totems concept was conceived to accommodate native species’ housing needs specifically by creating spaces for them to nest and find regufe. The project aimed to seamlessly connect habitats, prioritise ecological considerations, and offer a vibrant experience for visitors while promoting biodiversity conservation and habitat connectivity.

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