443 Queen Street Brisbane

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Dubbed as the ‘building that breathes”, Architectus and WOHA designed Queensland’s first truly subtropical apartment tower at 443 Queen St. Created for the Brisbane’s climate, the building catches the breezes and shade from the sun, and is a habitable, living subtropical garden.


The building’s footprint is minimized at the Queen Street level and raising and shaping the superstructure to maximize views. The ground plane elements are inspired by the natural riverside topography; the towers themselves rise airily above this abstract landform; clusters of screened pavilions forming fluted columns. These vertical clusters encase the open floating gardens at the heart.


443 Queen Street received Australia’s first 6 Star Green Star – Design and As-Built Version 1.2 Design Review certified rating for a residential tower by the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA).





We conducted Green Star Ecological Value Assessments, Biophilia Assessments and Ecosystem Service Assessments for 443 Queen Street, Brisbane Tower, Australia.

Our Green Star Ecological Value Assessments rated the building at 2.4/3 increasing the ecological value of the site.

Our Biophilia assessment showed that the building was highly biophilic with 5 of 6 WELL Standard Criteria fully met. 1 of 6 criteria was partially met. 

The ecosystem service assessments incorporated the cumulative effect of dense, medium and light plantings present at different levels of the building. Dense plantings alone cover 115% of the building’s footprint.

The ecosystem service performance of 443 Queen Street was compared with a typical built-up suburb in Brisbane where 20% of the site area would be typically planted with medium dense plantings. 443 Queen Street was nearly 10 times more effective at filtering air, 15.7 times more effective at regulating air temperature and 10.6 times more effective at sequestering carbon dioxide than a typical built-up suburb in the neighbourhood.

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    CBUS Property

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    Under construction

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    Ecosystem Services, Social Impact

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    WOHA & Architectus

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    Australia, Building, Urban

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