Dubai World Expo SG Pavilion

Project Details

Dubai Expo 2021 is an international showcase of food, music, technology, art, science, culture and creativity as a platform to respond to global challenges that we face today. The Singapore Pavilion’s own message of “Nature. Nurture. Future.” is a display of Singapore’s unique urban-nature matrix to achieve liveability and resilience.




bioSEA collaborated with WOHA to produce a performance report supporting the winning design of the Singapore Pavilion. Responding to the climatic and landscape conditions of its site in Dubai, we evaluated the ecosystem services provided by the pavilion’s greenery. The results were then projected on a scale-up to Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah to show the impact of ecological performance at the district scale. The study provides strong scientific evidence that design strategies championed by the Singapore Pavilion can produce more opportunities for a synergistic and collaborative relationship between the community, nature, and the built environment.

  • Client

    Urban Redevelopment Authority Singapore

  • Location

    United Arab Emirates

  • Scale


  • Service

    Ecosystem Services

  • Status


  • Type


  • Designer

    WOHA Architects

  • Tags

    Building, Urban

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