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Kampung Admiralty (KA), designed by WOHA Architects, is an integration of housing, food, shopping, healthcare and educational facilities in one building with a community farm, roof gardens, vertical greens, a park, and a stream with aquatic vegetation. It won the World Building of the Year 2018 award for successfully addressing healthcare, social housing provision and commercial space for the benefit of the public realm. These universal needs were all done while incorporating greenery amounting to more than 100% of its footprint, generating lush biodiversity on the site. The jury felt that the project served as a learning model for cities and countries around the world.




bioSEA conducted a biodiversity audit for KA in 2018 to quantify the species of fauna that can be found in its multiple green areas such as rain gardens, sky gardens, and community farms. We recorded a rich diversity of 50 animal species during day and night surveys including mammals, birds, butterflies, fish etc. We concluded that the community farm was the most species-rich and because it was largely kept pesticide-free. 

Our audits also showed that Kampung Admiralty attracted more animal species than nearby parks such Woodlands Crescent Park and Woodlands Admiral Garden. 

We also conducted social surveys of visitors to KA to find out about their perception towards the building’s greenery. 95% of respondents were supportive of greenery at KA whereas 60% supported the notion of a biodiversity-rich building. 

Lastly, the ecosystem services of KA were evaluated using the Ecosystem Services Identification & Inventory (ESII) tool. To do this, we classified KA’s greenery into 4 main vegetation types based on the vegetation density and characteristics as Ground Vegetation, Multi-layered Roof Gardens, Shrubs, Green Wall. Overall, KA performed 8 – 30% as good as a pristine rainforest in terms of the ecosystem services it provides.

Our concluding results show that the carefully planned greenery at Kampung Admiralty has multiplier effects. It is not only a valuable habitat for biodiversity but is highly appreciated by visitors and residents. In addition, it provides significant ecosystem service benefits by removing particulates and organic nitrates from the air, thereby reducing the impact of pollution. The greenery also regulates air temperature by evaporative cooling and produces large amounts of oxygen which in turn regulate micro-and macro- climate cycles.

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    Housing Development Board

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    Biodiversity Survey , Ecosystem Services

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    WOHA Architects

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    District, Singapore, Urban

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